Sunday, June 7, 2009

Horrid Stallions... but Hey! They're fertile!

"He is very level headed for a stud. He stays out on pasture with the mares (when they are not in season) and geldings. We bred him at age 2 to make sure he is fertile and we now have a filly out of him. Dusty loves attetion and is gentle. He does lead, load & tie. I have 13 horses and with hay prices I have to let some of them go. His stallion listing has been paid (APHA) and he is ready for this years breeding season. He is registered as brown but he looks black."

Ooookay... and we want a solid-colored paint for what reason? I don't get why people put studs out with mares. I KNOW they're not in season... but still. Who knows when they will be? But oh, if we get a little foalie out of him, no worries! We'll just breed it at age two also!! This horse is a conformation train wreck. Hideous legs, neck, head, and body. And what is that halter made of? Yarn??

"Buster has had some recent round pen work and learned quickly to respond as he should. Easy to catch and work with, rides out really quiet. We put him in with the old mares, thinking they would "educate" him but then they started cycling and we have since put him in his own pen. He is still a stud and will act "studdy" around the mares and geldings. We were told he was a gelding and probably proud cut, but upon examination found he had never been gelded. We are selling him for a friend whose 7 year old inexperienced daughter rode him all over the place. He never made a wrong move according to him and his daughter really enjoyed him. However, divorce forces sale and he doesn't get his daughter as often as he should (different states make travel difficult.). He is an attractive pony and has terrific conformation and gaits. I think he would excel in horsemanship and pony halter competition. Would guess him to be 4 - 5 years old. Foal date and height are approximations. I can measure him however. No paperwork, not registered. He is kind of marked like a crop-out paint, with wide white blaze (almost bald faced) and glass eye, otherwise would be considered a bay. He is very laid back when a bridle is on him and will go wherever. Loads, leads, stands for farrier work. Likes attention. I have listed his temperament as a 5 because he is still a stud, but he is QUIET when being ridden."

First of all, you're STUPID if you think this horse has good conformation. I'm pretty sure he would NOT do well in halter, seeing as his front end is camped under and he is back at the knee. Also, he has a horrible shoulder and head/neck are also disasterous. Oh, and by the way, the only thing your mares will 'educate' him on is how to breed. HELLO!

"Lots of color in his cults. May trade for blue rome mare or filly."
I'm thinking this one speaks for itself. Apparently this stud is the leader of some color-freaky cults! And, if your mare or filly is blue, and you live in Rome, you can get your hands on this Kid-eating stud! What is that strange thing around the stallion's neck, anyway?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Must-see's for your breeding program!

"We call her Diamond because of the diamond on her nose. (I could've sworn it was a stripe... but if you say so) She is a beautiful colt and will make someone a great ranch horse or which ever direction you want to take her. (Wait... SHE is a beautiful COLT? What on earth?!) We have too many colts right now and we need to cut down. We have her half sister with the same sire for sale as well. (See? You could just buy the whole durned family!) She would be an asset to anyones breeding program in the future. They are both broke to lead and have been saddled but not ridin and have been worked on a lounge line. (Wow. such great conformation AND performance out of these "colts") These two colts are almost identical. She was born 3/14/08 and her sister was born 2/22/08. "

-Okay people. Why were you breeding in the first place? I mean, chain-linked back yards are so suitable and all. Look how well the halter fits! I'm also very confused on the gender of this horse. You call her "she", yet "she" and "her sister" are great, beautiful COLTS!! Silly backyard breeders. You say you need to cut down on babies? Well no duh! Plus look at that GREAT conformation! Complete with post legs, weak pasterns, ugly head/neck, straight shoulder, and would you just look at those hooves? Definately an asset to anyone's breeding program!

"Sunshine is a really nice bred mare that has the build of a quarter horse. (What kind of Quarter horses are you talking about??) She has a baby doll head which she appears to put on her foals. She does ride out - slow and easy but has not been ridden much this past year as she has been raising a baby. (Thank YOU, captain obvious) She does not get in much of a hurry. (Probably because of her horrible legs!) She will ride out better once the baby is weaned."

-And shucks! You can even breed her again! Poor Sunshine is a TWH, could you tell? Me niether. The sellers failed to post a conformation shot, but you don't really need one to see that this horse is a disaster. Ugly ugly neck, HORRIFIC topline, and look how far those rear two reach under her. Poor, weak pasters. I will, however give credit to the cute little head on her. It doesn't look like much in this picture but in the others it's fine. When will people learn??